Sunday, 12 February 2017

Magic Carpet

It’s that time of year again when we look for the first signs of spring. Climate change has clearly upset the balance of nature in recent years, and spring arrives a little earlier each year now.  Although there’ve been a few crocuses out under some trees on the village green, and daffodils are beginning to shoot up, for me it’s the snowdrops that herald the true promise of spring.

There are a few dotted around in gardens and under hedgerows, but to get my annual fix, I always head for a secluded patch of ground tucked away between the graveyard at St Andrew’s Church in the old village of Penrice, and Church Cottage.

A gentle breeze sways a small clump of these so delicate little flowers near the hedge, but the white carpet almost covering the small wall-sheltered piece of land is perfectly still and stunningly beautiful. Climbing over the ancient limestone styIe, I need to tread carefully to avoid standing on these marvels of nature. I retreat, realising that it’s best to stay by the wall to enjoy one of Gower’s little secrets, and remember one special year when they flowered with snow on the ground.

They won’t last long, and I’ll visit again in a few days time, but in all the years I’ve been coming here, I’ve never bumped into anyone else looking over the wall at this magic white carpet.

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