Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Doyen of Gower photographers.

I’ve known Harold Grenfell for very many years, and for all this time, he’s been THE Gower photographer.  Gower through and through, he’s been photographing since an early age, and although his interest takes him outside Gower to other parts of the UK, by far the majority of his work has concentrated on local subjects.  His early shots of birds and other natural history subjects soon gained him a fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, with work comparable to the greats of British natural history photographers such as Eric Hosking. For decades, acting as the official photographer of The Gower Society, he has amassed a collection of thousands of wonderful images of life on the peninsular - a treasure trove of history, hidden away in his house overlook the sea in Mumbles.

His photographs of birds and insects in flight are a marvel. With the advent of new digital technology, it is now very much easier to take a ‘good’ photograph, and with a decent camera, most people can obtain a satisfactory picture. However there remains something very special about a moody, artistic, black and white shot produced by a master such as Harold, who innately catches the spirit and magic of Gower in his work, expressing his love and feeling for this special place.  He continues to do so in this modern colourful, digital age and remains to most, the doyen of Gower photographers. 

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