Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sounds on the Cliffs

The yaffle of green woodpeckers is a common sound on our cliffs, and I often come across them whilst walking along the coastal paths.  They feed on the rabbit-cropped sward, looking for ants, and other small invertebrates. When disturbed, they usually call, head off to perch on a high rocky outcrop, or fly back to the woodlands, which in some places, reach almost down to the sea.

At this time of year, the sound on the cliffs is mostly of sea, wind and birds. There’s always the hiss of the sea, and usually the sound of breakers on the rocks.  It’s rarely silent. Today is a calm day, with a thick fog covering the coast. and  all I hear is the clang of the Mixon Buoy, the foghorn at Mumbles Head, and the drone of ships’ engines out of sight, but even on day’s like this, there’s often the call of a raven somewhere overhead.

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