Thursday, 3 August 2017

All of Gower

It’s not easy to get a view of all of Gower. I can go to several places and see wonderful vistas; from the top of Cefn Bryn, Rhossili Down looking east; Kilboidy looking west to the Worm, and other spots along the south coast.  They all give an incomplete picture.  There are paper maps of course, which provide a sense of what it’s like, and there are now Google Maps, which give fine detail from a photograph from space.

My son Chris recently sent me a quite amazing picture taken from the International Space Station by a Canadian astronaut who, in his spare time, took images of the earth, and posted them on Twitter. Clearly taken during a spell of good weather it is magnificent. Apart from the whole of Gower, it shows the fading vapour trails of planes passing to and from the US, something most of us have only seen from below. I compare the image with Google Maps, and both are amazing. I then think of old fashioned OS maps, which give so much information the others don’t have. All have their advantages, as does the map of Gower in my head, which I still add to each day.

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