Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Broad Pool

Apart from those at Oxwich, there are few lakes of any size on Gower.  History tells us that Broad Pool dates back to at least the 17th century. In mid-summer fringed water lilies cover almost all of the surface, their shimmering yellow flowers, standing proud above the water, look quite wonderful. The lilies eventually cause siltation, and the pond needed rescuing in the 1970s. Owned by the Wildlife Trust, Broad Pool is a haven for dragonflies, and on a bright July day is alive with them.

Although the pool lies in moorland bog, in July the path around is mostly dry, and it’s an easy walk. I find broad-bodied chasers, common hawkers, common and black darters, common, blue and azure damselflies, and there are probably others, but it’s the number of individuals that impress.

Away from the main pool there are five smaller ones, and all have dragonflies and damselflies, and in the adjacent bog, heather, purple moor grass, bog myrtle, rushes and much more. The whole area is alive with aquatic plants, insects and singing skylarks - it’s pure joy.

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